Organic Whey Protein

Organic Whey Protein

grass fed whey banner Organic Whey Protein

Organic products are gaining a lot of popularity worldwide. And with good reason. Organic foods typically taste better than their conventional counterparts and contain much more nutritional value. Additionally, they promote a safer, cleaner environment which helps us all. With the rising demand for organics, it should come as no surprise that organic whey protein is becoming available to more people and offers far superior benefits over the protein powders you normally see at your local vitamin and health shops.

Whey protein in general has many amazing benefits. It’s long been used to enhance muscle growth and simply weight loss and management. It’s absolutely essential if you want to grow lean muscle. But the benefits go beyond what you can see on the outside. Whey-based protein also helps to improve brain function, gives a boost to the immune system and makes it easier for the body to fight off illness. It has even been used as a cancer fighter and preventative measure. Generally speaking, a good whey supplement can help you recover from serious illnesses faster, combined with following your doctors orders of course.

As with organic foods in general, organic whey doesn’t contain any of the pesticides normally found in conventional products. It also relies on the milk from grass-fed cows which is nutritionally superior to that of cows which are grain fed and treated with hormones or antibiotics. This is an important point because all of the nasty stuff our food sources absorb or ingest ultimately gets passed along to us. It’s really scary when you think about it.

Organic whey protein is readily absorbable by the body so your system receives its nutrients quickly an easily. As a result, it’s kind to your digestive tract and won’t result in feeling bloated or tired. And you can rest easy knowing that you’re putting high quality food into your body that will help you reach your goals. Unfortunately many supplements do little to no good and simply deplete your wallet.

Organic Options Are Expensive, Aren’t They?

Certainly, when you go shopping and compare a conventionally grown item to its organic counterpart, there is usually an obvious price difference. In fact, that’s what kept me from trying anything organic for the longest time. It’s not just a few pennies more, often it’s dollars. But here’s what I ultimately came to understand – you do get what you pay for. And, when you start to realize that many non-organic foods (especially processed, packaged and junk foods) offer little to no nutritional value, you then understand that they’re a complete waste of your money. Even at a reduced price, you’re not getting much in return.

The exact same thing is true of whey protein. With the main exception perhaps being that ordinary, non-organic whey powder is not cheap to begin with. And if you’re not getting the nutritional benefits from it, then it becomes downright expensive. Luckily, organic whey protein is quite affordable and it offers an array of benefits over and above what you’re probably getting with your current protein.

I’m particularly excited about some of the great lines of all-natural protein powders now available. Brands such as Warrior Whey, Action Whey and others have made it so easy to stay healthy and get a healthy dose of protein and other nutrients each day. Perhaps the best part is the taste – they taste absolutely wonderful. Thick milkshake anyone?

organic whey banner Organic Whey Protein

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